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Why did I decide to process and public stories from war on the internet.

From 2013 I have been travelling around Slovakia recording memories from people, Slovaks, who during the war helped persecuted Jews. They opened their houses, hid them and looked after their well-being, all the time hoping that nobody would find them. They lived through weeks and months of fear and uncertainty of being found, which would have led to their deaths.

I processed all the authentic stories in a series called ‘Encyklopedia spravodlivych’ (Encyclopaedia of the just people), which is being broadcast on Radio Slovakia.

Many of my dear respondents are not with us anymore. Therefore, I feel a strong commitment to carry on so we don’t forget about them. I realise that some of them can hear these stories on the radio but some cannot.

Therefore, I have decided that I would like to process all of the stories and publish them on my web page so you can read them whenever you want.

The stories will be published gradually, as time allows for me to write them and add the relevant pictures. Behind every published story will be a personal meeting with those who have shared their story as I want this to be truthful and the people behind it to be happy with the written information.

I believe that a space can be created which will be a special witness of humanity, bravery and courage, of women, men, children and whole Slovak families who during the 2nd World War didn’t hesitate to open the door of their hearts when they were facing the challenge of preserving humanity.

I am very grateful for your support.

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